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Get the List of Locks Applied on a Domain Name


Gets the list of the Locks applied on the specified Domain Registration Order.


Name Data Type Required / Optional Description
auth-userid Integer Required Authentication Parameter
api-key String Required Authentication Parameter
order-id Integer Required Order Id of the Domain Registration Order whose list of the locks need to be fetched.

HTTP Method


Example Test URL Request


Returns a hash map containing the list of Locks applied on the Domain Registration Order as below:

  • Reseller Lock (resellerlock) with details as -

    • Reseller ID of the Reseller who placed the Reseller Lock (lockerid)

    • Company Name of the Reseller who placed the Reseller Lock (addedby)

    • Reason for placing the Reseller Lock (reason)

    • Timestamp when the Reseller Lock was placed (creationdt)

  • Transfer Lock (transferlock) with value as true, if set

  • Customer Lock (customerlock) with value as true, if Transfer Lock set.

In case of any errors, a status key with value as ERROR alongwith an error message will be returned.